Web Usability: Getting the Big Things Right First

As with the waterfall model of doing things, a good web usability design process starts with the big things. Once you have set these things right, then you go on to the little details of web usability.

You are not the User.
Your preferences may not reflect that of your website’s target users. This is why it’s important to wear the user’s hat during the whole design process. The common mistake most designers do is to assume that the user will see the design in the same manner that they designed it. Conduct surveys and learn as many things as you can about your users and incorporate that knowledge into your design.

Communicate Clearly
It’s very important that the user picks up the website’s message clearly and in the most efficient way. You only have a few seconds to convince a new user that the website’s worthwile so make sure that the content is communicated properly to the readers.

Provide the Information that Users Want
This is very simple and fundamental design consideration; choose your target users, learn about them and the information that they want, then give them that information.

Provide an Easy Site Navigation
User experience is all about providing the navigation and information architecture that conforms with the user’s expectations. Getting to the right information in the quickest way possible is a very important thing for the user. Your users will be happy if they find information quickly and in the places where they expect them to be.

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