Website Design and SEO Bundled Packages: Good or Bad?

One question that faces website owners is who to trust with the optimisation of their websites. Many web designers nowadays offer SEO as part of their web design package. While this is very convenient you should be warned that having the web design team take care of the SEO is not always the best thing to do.

Before I explain why this is true let me state that in my opinion web designers should have a solid SEO background. This is important because you want the website to be designed already with SEO taken into consideration. It is important that the “SEO don’ts” shouldn’t be committed and best practices are followed. However, as mentioned earlier the entire SEO, especially the post website designing/building part of SEO should not be left in the hands of web designers. The reason why I say this is that most web design teams do not have the in depth knowledge nor the experience needed to do SEO. This means that….

  • it is only the basic optimisation methods that are implemented.
  • usually it web designers only consider on-page factors and neglect methods that affect off-page factors for SEO.
  • many optimisation packages offered only include the initial SEO and since we know that SEO is a continuous process it is not the best you will get.

That being said this shouldn’t turn you off when web design firms offer SEO services. However you should make sure that if offered the web design firm also has a special SEO team and that it is clear what kind of SEO is exactly offered so that in case they are simply referring to adhering to SEO practices then you won’t end up overlooking the fact that you still need to hire someone to do your website’s SEO for you.

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