Website Design Tool: Coda from Panic

Sorry Windows web developers, this tool is only for the mac.

Coda is Panic Software’s latest product offering catering to the web developer crowd. Panic’s slogan for Coda is “one-window web development”, and true to that, it aims to make the workflow for web development easier and more intuitive. What coda aims to do is provide in a single application what would normally take at least four separate mac apps to do. It provides a central hub for your projects called sites, it provides a feature-rich text editor, an intuitive and simple file and ftp browser, a built-in html previewing component powered by Apple’s webkit, a fully-featured CSS editor, a terminal client, and to add the icing to the cake, a set of built-in references for web development.

For the web developer looking for a way to optimise his workflow, Coda excellently fulfills this need. In Coda, your website projects are represented as “Sites”, providing a smart starting point for your website development projects. Sites opened will instantly restore themselves exactly as you have left them, connecting to ftp servers, restoring editor states, and allowing you to start coding again in a flash.

One of the more interesting feature of its text editor is the ability to code simultaneously with someone through the network, taking advantage of Apple’s standards-based Bonjour technology. You can also share files and track changes through Coda.

All in all Coda delivers a very good experience and workflow for the web developer.

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