Website Redesign: Standard Adherence

Last post I mentioned two signs that your website needs to be redesigned - an outdated look and a design that hurts your site’s SEO. Today I’ll be discussing one more signs - non-adherence to web design standards.

As I have mentioned several times in previous posts you can easily check whether your website adheres to the current web design standards by using the W3C markup validation service. Unless your web designer has come up with a revolutionary web design that makes your website’s usability a whole lot easier and more intuitive then it is usually best to stick with a web design that conforms with the present standards. By conforming to current W3C standards you can be sure that your website will be readable or viewable using almost any browser. This means that more people will be able to access your site, which we know is always a good thing.

If your current website has too many errors when you try to validate it it is time to check with a web design firm to find out what they can do for you. To find a good web designer a good start will be to take a look at their website and see if THEIR site adheres to current standards. You should see a W3C chicklet somewhere on their web page (it is located on the bottom right of this page) to show that the page passed validation. If you can’t find any then just go back to the W3C markup validation service and use it to check the page’s validity. If a web design company cannot create a page that adheres to W3C’s standards then how can they make a better page for you? In the end you are better of hiring a professional web designer that takes into account not only the look but also the cleanliness of their code.

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