Website Traffic Analysis - Website usage data

Web analytics, or your website usage data tells you how many visitors you get per day, per week or per month, how they end up on your website, what they do once they are on your website, and what makes them leave eventually.

By carefully and routinely studying your website usage data you can figure out what pages of your website are favorite among your visitors and what pages need to be changed/improved in order to get more attention. They also tell you what keywords and key phrases people actually use to find your website.

How can web analytics help your SEO efforts?

As I just said above, your web analytics tell you what keywords people are using to arrive at your website. Now, this could be a totally wrong traffic because the keywords being displayed by your web analytics tool might not be the ones you are trying to optimise your website for. So you can re-orient your effort and get your web pages re-written to better search engine optimise for the right keywords.

On the other hand you may also discover some search phrases that are very relevant to your website but somehow you missed optimising your website for them. You can increase traffic for these keywords by further optimising your website for them.

What do they do once they are on your website?

Search engine optimisation doesn’t only mean getting tons of traffic from the search engines; it also means optimising that traffic so that you derive maximum benefit from it. So it’s very important to know what people do once they are on your website. If you notice that there is a page from where people leave your website the most you can make some improvements there. Then there might be some pages people immensely like. You can devise ways to promote your special products on those pages

Where are the inbound links coming from?

Search engines are not the only source of relevant traffic. A lots of traffic might come from those websites that display your links on them. If you notice a high amount of traffic coming from such websites you can strike up partnerships with them to encourage them to put more of your links there. You can even reciprocate.

The web analytics are primarily there to give you a picture of your traffic. By studying the trends and making the needed changes you can optimise the traffic your website gets to a great extent.

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