What’s New in HTML 5: Structure Tags

There’s a new version of HTML coming - HTML 5. It includes additional tags in structure, semantics, embedded media, and interactivity, that will make the lives of web developers easier and makes HTML more apt for use with some of the fundamental concepts of Web 2.0.

New elements in structure include section, header, footer, nav and article. Elliot Harold of the Polytechnic University gave a brief description of the basic construct that each element corresponded with.

  • section: A part or chapter in a book, a section in a chapter, or essentially anything that has its own heading in HTML 4
  • header: The page header shown on the page; not the same as the head element
  • footer: The page footer where the fine print goes; the signature in an e-mail message
  • nav: A collection of links to other pages
  • article: An independent entry in a blog, magazine, compendium, and so forth

The new elements answer one of the aims of HTML 5, which is to have a more structured way of managing header levels. In the past each header like sidebars, footers, headers, navigation menus, main content sections, and individual stories needed to be marked with the div element (<div> </div>). With the new elements used the div element is no longer necessary and developers can do away with it.

Source: New Elements in HTML 5 by Prof. E. Harold

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