When Should You Opt for Web Design + SEO Packages?

In my last post I discussed how web design plus SEO packages aren’t always good. So when should you for these kind of packages?

  1. The web design firm has an in-house SEO team with a solid reputation.
  2. The web design firm offers the SEO package but the SEO will be done by their partner SEO firm.
  3. The web design team offers an SEO package that specifies exactly what is to be included in that package. Will they simply adhere to coding standards that will make the site search engine friendly? Will they take care of link building?

How about reputation management? The web design team need not offer the a full-blown SEO package but the price they quote should be commensurate with the service they will give. Value for your money.

In short all you really need to do is use common sense in order to determine whether you are being offered a good package or not. Remember not to always go for the cheapest package but to choose the one that offers the best results. In the end you will save money on having to have your website undergo a redesign or having to hire another (additional) firm to launch a more effective SEO campaign for you.

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