Gary Cottam

Chief Executive Officer

Gary CottamWith over 16 years' experience in online digital media, Gary Cottam has seen the sector explode over the past decade, and has been involved in virtually every aspect of internet design and SEO during that time.

Starting in the field of organising critical live medical data, Gary soon discovered a flair for project management and took his skills to other places in the sector, working as Chief Operating Officer for Micron Data Systems in 2005 and acting for many of the UK's largest and most prestigious blue chip firms – such as Aventis and GSK – to both troubleshoot and totally reconfigure their digital online presence.

The many successes under his belt show that he can deftly manage the most complex and demanding projects, and he is constantly seeking fresh challenges. His wide-ranging work in online marketing, website design and SEO mean that he has the first-hand experience to get the most out of any company with an online profile and to accurately assess the potential of new technologies.

As founder and chief executive at Doublespark Web Design & SEO, Gary is the driving force behind the company's constant adoption and mastery of the very latest developments in online digital technology. The company offers a wide variety of services, based around website design, online marketing and SEO – and incorporating everything from website revamps, complete rebuilds or all-inclusive SEO campaigns.

Gary is also not content to sit on his personal laurels, constantly expanding his own skills and experience – partly through his position as chief editor of the Phoenixrealm SEO blog and his work as Technical Director for Peterborough-based graphic design agency Titman Firth. The blog enables him to stay bang up to date with the very latest developments in the field, and working regularly in the separate but closely-related fields of website design and graphic design keeps his ideas fresh and the cross-fertilisation of the two disciplines acts as a real stimulus for innovation.

Whether it is Doublespark or Titman Firth, Gary ensures that he takes a key role in any projects, remaining the first point of contact for clients and giving every job his personal oversight.

Gary lives near Cambridge with his wife Lucy, and travels extensively around the UK meeting clients and overseeing projects. He is always available to discuss the ways in which he can help businesses and individuals reach their online potential.

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