The website design process

We have a tried and tested process that ensures our projects run smoothly and to deadline. We keep our prices competitive and deliver projects of the highest quality - on time - using comprehensive project management principles.

CommissionCommission: Once the site gets the green light and a 50% deposit has been paid, your domain name will be registered or transferred if required. For new domains a holding page will be displayed and all email accounts will be set up.

WireframeWireframe: Next we design a wireframe. Just like property blueprints, a wireframe is a very basic outline stating what goes where on the webpage. They are used to spot potential problems early on.

Visual ConceptsVisual concepts: Once the wireframe has been signed off, the creative work begins. A concept is designed and sent for your approval.

ProgrammingWebsite programming: Once the design is signed off, it’s time for the programmers to work their magic and bring the design to life.

Website Launch

Website launch: Once the programmers have finished, your site will be viewable online, fully working on one of our development servers. Once you’re happy to sign off the final stage and we receive the balance of payment, your site will go live and launch online.

Website PromotionWebsite promotion: Once your site is live, we can work with you to create a maintenance package adding on blog updates, SEO maintenance, brand extension or mobile marketing as appropriate.

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