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Responsive web design – what it is and how it does it work? The main objective of responsive web design is ensuring that your website adapts automatically when it is viewed on different kinds of devices, such as smartphones, laptops or desktops. 

The key to responsive web design lies in its mixture of various grids and text layouts, all designed to be flexible, plus a smarter way of responding to CSS media queries. This means that when users view your site on different devices, the site recognises this and adapts, with different resolutions, image sizes and scripting. In a nutshell, the website automatically responds to the different preferences of different users, but maintains internal consistency.

Why is responsive web design vital for your website?

The UK can boast of being among the most intense mobile markets in the world – research carried out in 2013 by Ofcom found that Britain has among the world's highest proportions of internet users who regularly use smartphones or tablets to browse the internet.

The survey revealed that only 37 per cent of users still use a desktop as their first choice when accessing the web, while some 23.1 per cent of British consumers carry out all of their online transactions such as shopping using smartphones – the largest proportion of mobile online shoppers in the top five countries in Europe. This demonstrates how important it is for websites to be optimised for mobile usage.

Responsive web design is a versatile and elegant solution to device compatibility, which has been shown to keep visitors browsing individual sites, increasing that site's Google rankings and also increasing the chance that the visitor will buy something from the company in question.

If users are unable to visit areas of your site and cannot find the information they're looking for – or cannot make payments from their device – they will give up and return to the next option among the search results, leading search engines to conclude that your website is less relevant for those keywords and lowering your ranking. This can be prevented through responsive web design.

Other benefits of responsive web design

  • Consistent URLs.
    A website's URLs can be linked to in so many different ways on today's advanced internet, such as through click ads, blogs, Facebook and Twitter, as well as more standard search results. When sharing links, it's important that URLs maintain their compatibility with receiving devices, or there can be problems with the site layout. Redirects are one solution, but as websites become ever more complex, it's more effective to keep consistent URLs from the beginning, avoiding the risk of putting off visitors and potential consumers.
  • Beefing up your SEO.
    As previously mentioned, responsive web design helps keep search rankings high. Another way that it does is is by preventing any muddle caused by redirects, which are capable of confusing search engines and analytic programs into thinking different URLs serve different content, and so dividing and weakening search relevance and analytics reporting. Even worse is when new URL structures are made specifically for mobile devices, so this should be the very last resort. Responsive web design is recommended by Google as being best for search indexing.
  • Shorter load times.
    Responsive web design is complex and requires a skilled and experienced design and development team, who can also shorten a page's loading time. Because of the limited processing power and bandwidth limitations found on mobile devices, it is important that users are not kept waiting for unacceptable lengths of time while pages load.

Our web designers combine the very best development technology with skill, years of experience and inspiration, We can create a highly competitive website for you, designed to be optimised for the wide array of different browsers and devices. With responsive web design's state of the art coding and scripting techniques, you can be confident your site will be both flexible and durable.

All responsive websites offer the following features:

  • Striking and original graphic design
    Our design team has between them a great deal of experience when it comes to making a wide variety sites look their very best – SMEs, start-ups, blue chip firms or public sector organisations.
  • SEO-friendly
    Our websites are highly SEO-focused, allowing our clients to increase their position at the top of their market's search rankings.
  • Easy to edit
    Doublespark's content management system is highly user-friendly, making maintaining your site simple. The system requires no specialist programming knowledge when it comes to editing and updating.
  • Secure and fast
    Our websites are both speedy and robust, providing extra peace of mind for both your own enterprise and for the customers who are entrusting you with their personal data and financial details.

Find out how we can boost your online enquiries by giving us a call today on 0845 838 7448 or feel free to email us [email protected].

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