5 SEO Quick Wins

5 SEO Quick Wins

If you’re just starting out on the SEO road, or if you have a few minutes spare and want to use them to optimise your web presence, take a look at these five SEO quick wins:

1) Consolidate

There are a number of reasons why you might have set up multiple webpages for your company or organisation, however in general, duplicate content and numerous URLs won’t boost SEO. In reality, having one website that’s well-built, well-maintained and well-thought out will be much more beneficial to your business, especially if you’re managing your online presence yourself.

2) Clean up your copy

Clear, concise and informative copy is becoming increasingly important in SEO. Putting a little bit of time into re-writing your content, checking it for spelling mistakes and ensuring it’s worth reading could help to boost your site’s SEO. If you don’t have the time or the grammatical know-how to do the work yourself, hire a copywriter to make the changes for you. While they’re at it, you could ask them to write a blog for your site and add even more value to the webpage.

3) Boost your incoming links

Links are one of the key ways in which search engines determine whether or not a site is trustworthy. A quick and easy way to boost the number of links pointing to your site is to search for mentions of your brand on other web pages and then contact those webpages to ask for a link to be added. As well as increasing the number of links to your site, this will give you an opportunity to network with other companies and make useful contacts within your industry.

4) Make sure Google knows where you’re based

If you’ve decided to use the international .com version of your domain instead of a country specific TLD like .co.uk, you may find you miss out on crucial local results if you don’t tell Google exactly where you’re based. To solve this problem quickly and easily, sign up to the Google Search Console, then go to Search Traffic > International Targeting, click on the Country tab and select your location. Set up your Google My Business page.

5) Make sure your pages are loading quickly

One of the main reasons users leave a site is slow loading pages. Most visitors will give your site just a few seconds to load. If it takes any longer, they may well head straight to one of your competitors. If your pages are packed with content, images and videos they may well be slow to load, especially for users browsing via mobile devices. Solve this by simplifying your site, removing unnecessary content and streamlining its operations.

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