Pay-Per-Click management

Pay-Per-Click ServicesPay-Per-Click (PPC) is the quickest way to get traffic on your site without having to wait for a search engine to rank it. Search engines like Google display a text advert on the side of relevant search results. Every time someone clicks on your ad they charge you a certain amount of money.

You tell the search engines how much you are willing to pay per click. The search engines will look at this and at competitors’ bids and start to display your ad throughout their site. If you out-bid your competitor the search engines display you higher up the page or lower if your bid is lower.

There are many benefits to PPC:

  • Instant targeted traffic
  • Allows you to test keywords to see if they are profitable for long term SEO
  • Provides a platform to test current demand for your products and services.

Included in Doublespark’s PPC management service:

  • Research and selection of the right keywords for your campaign.
  • Support to choose the right search engines.
  • Bidding for keywords on your behalf.
  • Getting the best results from your budget, with clear reporting so you can see what is happening.
  • Regular monitoring of results so you can establish return on investment.

Already using PPC?

Are you spending too much time managing PPC? Would you like to cut your budget without losing sales? Getting Doublespark to manage your PPC campaigns frees up your time. We help clients avoid the potential pitfalls of PPC management while increasing qualified traffic volumes and in some cases reducing overall spend.

Contact us today and ask about our PPC management prices;
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